About Us

Cash Biz Nigeria.info  is a Nigerian ICT website, technology hub and digital marketing portal designed at teaching young entrepreneurs how to start and build a successful business in the Nigerian space and cultivate that entrepreneurial spirit using digital tools.

We are also a freelancing and technology agency serving and delivering our numerous clients from around the globe. We specialize in ICT and online related services and have a very large clientele, both locally and internationally.

We are a subsidiary of E-Business Technologies founded by Kenechukwu Ezeani in the year 2009.

We are also a branding, media, web design, data analysis, data collection, social engineering, app development, email marketing promotions, pay per click ads and digital marketing training. And as our name implies, we are here to teach you how to utilize the .com lifestyle and “Cash Out” from the internet.

This website was created to serve as a conduit for connecting to our customers and delivering to them full ICT and web services. Also, to provide entrepreneurs with in-depth feasibility study reports on different business ideas, cutting across several industries, sectors and interests. We also provide kick-ass small business advice for beginners based on our personal experience and researched data.

In this hard times, when the country is in recession with high cost of the dollar, one can only think of ways in which they can make money and keep their family in good living.

Take your time and read through our blog and leave your comments or questions.

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