Akaahan Terungwa Is A Scammer, Fraudster & 419

Akaahan Terungwa Scammer
Akaahan Terungwa Fraud

Akaahan Terungwa Is A Scammer & 419


Hello Nigerians, I am writing this article to enlighten you about the Akaahan Terungwa Scam, It is the most dangerous form of scam to have ever rocked the internet. Akaahan Terungwa Scam is real and Nigerians have to be very careful online, on the internet space, don’t let a complete riffraff come and steal your hard earned money. Akaahan Terungwa scam is real, beware.

Please take your time and read this article as I am about to expose a man who I regard as the greatest conman and scam artist to ever roam this earth and the world at large! Let me introduce you to the Akaahan Terungwa Scam.

His type of scam could be compared to the popular scam ran by Charles Ponzi and Soapy Smith who carried out massive scams in America around the late Nineteenth century. The man is really a Nigerian scam genius and icon. I will be exposing him today because I received a mail from a young graduate, Uchenna Mercy Nwogbo who cried out to me for help, narrating how Akaahan Terungwa duped him. I didn’t want to get involved in all this, but as the complaints got too much, I had to do something. The wicked Akaahan Terungwa did not even think of showing the young man a little mercy based on the name he bears, he just went wild and ripped the man off showing him no mercy at all. See the unedited message I received below from Akaahan Terungwa’s victim, Uchenna Mercy Nwogbo. There are other messages which will be posted later. The victim also sent me some screenshots of his conversation with Akaahan Terungwa. Most can be viewed below.

Akaahan Terungwa Scammer

The Face of Akaahan Terungwa, the scammer and 419


My name is Mercy Nwogbo and today I will be revealing more information about this thief they call Akaahan Terungwa. He is a scammer and conman just out there to dupe you of your hard earned money. He has lots of foot soldiers who help him in carrying out this scams.

Notopoverty.info is his scamming tool where he lures his victims. He also runs a page on Facebook, where he entices people with free fake products.

Nigerians Beware! Akaahan Terungwa Scam Is Real, Beware!

Akaahan Terungwa is a scam and though I am not supposed to be giving him this cheap publicity because he is a desperate attention seeker, I have to do my duty and expose a man that duped me off N45,000 Naira all in the name of online business.

More Details on how Akaahan Terungwa is a Scam and 419.

When I first met him  i thought he was real since he gave me a free ebook to download. (I was not aware until now that giving you free ebook is a way to trap you).

After a while, he sent another email telling me that I should pay some certain amount of money so a blog will be setup for me and I will start making good money online.

Akaahan Terungwa Dupes Nigerians For Money

Akaahan Terungwa Scam Message to the Victim

As a young graduate who was in need of a breakthrough, I quickly paid, he told me it will cost 45,000 for the blog.

Akaahan Terungwa Scam Is Real, He Exploits Nigerians Desperation To Make Money & He Promises Nigerians Heaven And Earth, Collect Their Money And Disappear Like MMM

Though before I paid, I asked Akaahan Terungwa if we could meet, he told me we cannot that he is in Benue state. This is a big lie.

Akaahan Terungwa is based in Lagos, but he poses like he is in far away Benue state just to carry out his scams.

If you tell him that you are in Benue, he will formulate another lie like “I just traveled out of Benue this morning, I am in Abuja at the moment”

What a cheap scammer!

Akaahan Terungwa Scam Nigerians Online Without Mercy

He assured me that he was not a scam. I trusted him and paid the money for the Blog.

As soon as the money entered his account, he stopped picking my calls, blocked my number and sent me a text telling me that “I should be smarter next time, that why will I trust someone I have not met” till today the blog I paid him for has not been sent, to refund my money too is a problem.

Akaahan Terungwa Scams Innocent Nigerians Online

A screenshot of the fraud message Akaahan Terungwa sent the victim

That is how I got duped by this criminal.

The lesson I learnt: Never trust or pay money to someone you have never met.

My thoughts:
I ran a google search on his name and I discovered that lots of people are also saying he is a scam and I also discovered he sells ebooks that teaches people how to make money! The question you will ask Akaahan is, if he really makes money online, why does he still sell ebooks? Isn’t it obvious that it is the money you pay him for the ebooks, that he actually makes and then claims he makes money online. Basically, Akaahan Terungwa makes money online by telling you that you can make money online.

I could remember last year, when I was in Abuja with my wife and we drove past Nyanyan market, there we saw a bookseller in a tattered shirt, looking very hungry. The man approached us with a book on how to make 500,000 in 30 days and told us to buy it for 1500. My wife just laughed and said. “Oga sir, if this your book is really working, you won’t be in this condition sir”. Lol. Anyway, I rest my case.

The Akaahan Terungwa Scam Has To Be Curbed And Dealt With Because If Not, More Nigerians Would Be Defrauded Daily. 

If you are a Nigerian and you know you are patriotic, please share this post on all your social media pages. Don’t say 45k is too small. Thinks about if he collected 45k from 10 people, that’s 450k of Nigerians hard earned money! Akaahan Terungwa Scam is real. Copy any of the bold text below and share on all your social media pages.
Please beware! Akaahan Terungwa is a scam artist
SCAM ALERT! Akaahan Terungwa is a fraud
Read How Akaahan Terungwa is a scammer

You can also see below a screenshot of the message as I received it from the victim.

Click the image for clarity, to see how Akaahan Terungwa Scam is done

Akaahan Terungwa Is An Unrepentant Scammer

Scam Report from the victim

Akaahan Terungwa Scam Email

Continuation from above, more info on the Akaahan Terungwa Scam

Now see below, pictures of the scammer and his associates. We are uploading clear pictures should in case you see him. Call on the cops immediately. Akaahan Terungwa Scam Is Real

Photo Gallery of Akaahan Terungwa Scam Associates:

Akaahan Terungwa-Scam & 419

Here is a picture of Akaahan Terungwa, Nigeria’s foremost internet scammer and fraudster. Can’t you see how greedy he looks.

Akaahan Terungwa Scam, 419 & Thief

Akaahan Terungwa Is An Unrepentant Scammer & Fraudster

Akaahan Ngufan Scam

Akaahan Ngufan, his partner in CRIME who runs his scam empire with him. Akaahan Ngufan is a scammer, fraudster and 419

Is Akaahan Terungwa A Scam

Akaahan Terungwa Scam, World’s most popular, most dreaded and most respected scammer Akaahan Terungwa with the heir of his scam empire.

More Miscellaneous History and Facts Linking Akaahan Terungwa To Several Numerous Online Scams

More facts about the Akaahan Terungwa Scam Below:

Akaahan Terungwa scam is pathetic. Ask me why? Well he runs a very funny and scam oriented sales page he calls notopoverty.info. This is his primary scamming tool where he lures newbies into the prospect of making money online. When I first exposed the Akaahan Terungwa Scam online he immediately took down the page, another proof that he is an unrepentant scammer and fraudster, though I was a step ahead of him. I had already taken a screenshot of the page and had it saved as proof. See below
The Akaahan Terungwa Scam is catching numerous victims since the economic situation of Nigeria is quite pathetic at the moment, his victims are all too willing to accede to his ridiculous and funny demands that make a mockery of the whole process of making a living off the internet.
This is the page that we will take a close look at. Aside this page, we will always take a look at the history of this online thief and see how far exactly he has been online and the various efforts he has so devilishly  deployed to scam his innocent victims of their hard-earned money.
Akaahan Terungwa Scam Messages

A Scam Post by Akaahan Terungwa, one of the methods he uses to lure his victims.

The very introduction seen on the scammer Akaahan Terungwa’s sale page is a cheap attempt at fraud and one of the worst case of the Tort of passing off in recent times. He claims that he will teach his followers/readers how to make about N45,000 online in just a week! That is a whopping N180,000 online in the next 30 days as a JJC or one without any prior experience!

While the point is very disturbing and not easy to take on face value, he jumps ahead and makes it clear to the unsuspecting victim that the whole process will only require about only 2 – 3 hour work every day!

Where in the whole wide world is that possible? If you are a smart visitor, this is exactly where to close the page and concentrate your time (and efforts) on something more reasonable.

It is worth pointing out in a straight forward manner that online business is no different from offline business. The only difference is that, while offline business is restricted to brick and mortar, seriously hindering the customer outreach, online business has the whole world as its direct audience. This means that, irrespective of your genius, passion or determination, earning within a week – and earning that much is pretty out of the question.

It’s as simple as the statement above! Now we can all see why Akaahan Terungwa Scam is catching lot of victims. How sad

Akaahan Terungwa of NoToPoverty.com Is Also Held To Be An Outright Scammer Because of the Barefaced Lies He Publishes 

More on the Akaahan Terungwa Scam:

Take a look at this screenshot from one of Akaahan Terungwa’s many scamming sales pages.

Akaahan Terungwa 419

Akaahan Terungwa Selling Lies, and trying to sweet mouth his victims with fake stories so they can join his fake program

Akaahan Terungwa proceeds to introduce a friend that he claims makes as high as N500,000 working for just about 2 hours a day! 2 hours a single day!
Akaahan Terungwa the scammer, thinks all Nigerians are gullible and would fall for his gimmicks.
Can you imagine?
However, that is not the real challenge: the real challenge is that this friend of his does not exist!
Deji Obafemi (as he has called him) is a common name and none of the persons who bear the name on Facebook have even remotely indicated that they are online entrepreneurs!
The worst part? A Google query returns nothing. Absolutely nothing! Can you imagine? A man who makes that much online and Google has no clue about him?! At the end of the day, AKAAHAN TERUNGWA introduces another friend (or is it the same friend?) who makes N800,000 working for just 2 hours a day…
Very funny!
When intending members see the outrageous sums he is calling, they get overwhelmed and “seduced” into the program and they get their hands burnt immediately they pay. Akaahan Terungwa scam disappears with their money.
Merely looking at his pictures above, does he look like someone that earns 10k per day, talkless of the 220k per day he claims. And his imaginary friend “Deji Obafemi” who earns 450k. Lol
Now that you are well grounded and informed about the Akaahan Terungwa Scam. You are advised to share this post on all your social media profiles to prevent more people from falling victim.
Read more on Google. More updates on the Akaahan Terungwa Scam to come soon…

AKAAHAN TERUNGWA SCAM ALERT UPDATE! (10/12/2019) – Akaahan Terungwa Is Running A Ponzi Scheme – PayGold.org

Further investigations into the activities of this scammer Akaahan Terungwa and his partner Akaahan Ngugan has brought us to some very scary findings. Akaahan Terungwa is also running a ponzi scheme. Looking up this ponzi scheme, we have discovered that Akaahan Terungwa and Akaahan Ngufan have successfully used the site to defraud, dupe and fleece unsuspecting victims, majorly Nigerians their hard earned money. Several testimonials were featured on the site but all of them were forged and carefully crafted by the scam duo (Akaahan Terungwa and Akaahan Ngufan). The testifiers do not exist, the locations do not exist, in fact the site does not pay at all.

In 2016, MMM rocked the whole Nigeria and thousands if not millions of Nigerians lots billions of naira in the scheme, but MMM cannot be comparable to PayGold, because pay gold is a more deadly scheme.  At least we all know that MMM paid the first, second and third set of investors and kept on paying for close to 2 years before they decided to crash. But looking at paygold and their business/site structure, tactical investment carried out by my covert team of investigators reveals that PayGold pays no one, in fact, nobody has ever been paid on Akaahan Terungwa and Akaahan Ngufan’s paygold website. Money enters the system from gullible and naive investors looking to make 100% profit in 3 days, but I assure you, the money never comes out, every thing is stolen and laundered out of the system by Akaahan Terungwa and Akaahan Ngufan.

Before we started our investigations, we ran a Whois search on PayGold to determine who truly owns the website, though from the site structure and writing style, we knew the owner already, everything reeks, points and smells of Akaahan Terungwa, but to fulfill all righteousness, we carried out our search and our guesses were correct. Please see the screenshot below.

Paygold Is Owned By Akaahan Terungwa - He Is A Scam

Paygold Is Owned By Akaahan Terungwa – He Is A Scam

Akaahan Terungwa is a half smart Nitwit, and on seeing this page, he might go on and clear his details or hide them from the Whois search, but we have taken precautions to that and have archived this page so it stays online for ever and what Akaahan Terungwa will do will have no effect.

NB: For those who don’t know what a WhoIs site is, well, it is a database that collects information of website owners and reveals all the information you need to know about any site, such as who registered it, when it was registered, when the domain is expiring, which company hosts the site online, it also shows the contact information of the website owner in case you want to reach them for anything.

Here is the link to the archived WhoIs page for Akaahan Terungwa’s scamming site Paygold.org. You can copy the link and paste in your web browser to view.

=> http://archive.is/W2XeC

Akaahan Terungwa Is A Half Smart Scammer

Initially, when I first discovered the Akaahan Terungwa scam and carefully documented it on my website, I ranked and rated Akaahan Terungwa as the “World’s most professional, most distinguished and most insistent scammer and 419” a title which truly he deserved as at that time. I also gave him an award of the “Grand commander of scam 419 and fraud in Nigeria” this award he also earned too. But seeing his activities at at late 2018 and early 2019, I think Akaahan Terungwa has to put in more work to his scamming trade because he is beginning to look foolish! Or has Akaahan Terungwa grown tired of his most cherished scamming trade? Or is it the curses of the people he has duped in the past that has come back to haunt him? They say, who ever the gods want to kill. they first make mad. Honestly, I think Akaahan Terungwa might actually be running mad. Why am I saying this? Well take a look at the screenshot below, and gaze your eyes at the highlighted part in red.

Paygold.org Scam is run by Akaahan Terungwa

Paygold.org Scam is run by Akaahan Terungwa

Looking at the highlighted part in the image, it says as I quote: “Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved | Pay Gold Investments by No to Poverty – An Akaahan Terungwa Company.”

Now in mid 2015, and early 2016, I ousted and exposed Akaahan Terungwa for scam, when I received several reports of his scamming activities from several of his victims. Then, his main scamming tool were what I called the “No To Poverty Internet Concern” he operated this internet concern through two domain names notopoverty.info and notopoverty.com, and also a Facebook group. He used these medium to lure in new victims into the scam, everybody on the internet and across all social media were alert about the NoToPoverty Internet Concern, so for Akaahan Terungwa to make the silly, dumb and unprofessional mistake of putting on the footer of PayGold.org that PayGold is powered by NoToPoverty shows that his time is up! His scamming days are over, our prayers are actually working. Akaahan Terungwa has run mad and is steadily losing his senses!

Akaahan  Terungwa Scamming Tools Are All Inactive 

As at today, none of these sites Akaahan Terungwa used to scam people 4 years ago exist again as a single site, they only redirect to his new scamming tool akaahanterungwa .com, even the Facebook group has been taking down. He has used these medium to defraud thousands of people and then shut them down immediately, very typical of most scammers. Then they create new scamming tools, to lure fresh victims. Just as his new scamming tool Akaahan Terungwa . com

This is a screenshot below of the activity status of the first scamming tool notopoverty.info. Look towards the right hand side, downwards to wear the arrow points. You can zoom the page for clarity. INACTIVE written clearly in red! Very typical of fraudsters, to scam people with a site and the shut it down after they have made bulk money from gullible victims. You can visit www.Who.is to confirm for yourself.  Here is the link anyway, to make it easier for you. (https://who.is/whois/notopoverty.info). Though after seeing his post, the scammer Akaahan Terungwa will try to upload contents on the page to deceive the masses that the site is active, but I guess no one will fall for that. Nigerians are internet savvy now and not fools. I have also taken precautionary measures and taken screenshots, also I archived the page.

Here is the link to the archived page:

=> http://archive.ph/cXydf

The archive will show the date the page was saved then we can use our brains to fathom how long the site has been inactive.

A screenshot of notopoverty.info inactivity status- Akaahan Terungwa's scamming tool

A screenshot of notopoverty.info inactivity status- Akaahan Terungwa’s scamming tool

Now take a look at the Facebook page Akaahan Terungwa used to defraud thousands of people,  it has also been taking down as well.

Akaahan Terungwa Scam Facebook Group Taken Down After Defrauding Thousands of People With It

The above screenshot is the desktop view of the deleted Facebook group, now here is the mobile view below:

Akaahan Terungwa Scam

Mobile view of the group Akaahan Terungwa deleted after scamming numerous people

Now the screenshot below is from Akaahan Terungwa’s website telling people to join the said group that has been taking down after successfully using it to dupe people millions of people their hard earned money. He uses this website and Facebook group as a tool to coerce, cajole and trick people to join with the promise that he will “teach them how to make money online”. This is actually ridiculous and an insult to Nigerians. What does he take us for? Does he think we are dumb? If a Nigerian discovers how to make money, will he share it with anybody, will he share it with his friends? talk-less of random online people that he doesn’t know and he has not met before! Has Akaahan Terungwa finished helping and teaching all the people in his village and community how to make money online? Has Akaahan Terungwa made all the people in his village multi-millionaires and he wants to teach you and I how to make money? HAHA! This is shamelessly ridiculous. This is the screenshot below, see where the arrow is pointing at.

Akaahan Terungwa is a scammer

Akaahan Terungwa Tricking People to Join His Scam Facebook Group

Another view below, see the screenshot showing Akaahan Terungwa sweet talking Nigerians to join his fake Facebook group on “making money online” where he will finally dupe them and dump them.

Akaahan Terungwa Scam Facebook Group

You can zoom or enlarge the image to see the link to the scam group. Look at where the black arrow is pointing . You can visit the group to confirm that it is taken down.

On the page where Akaahan Terungwa is seen telling people to join his group on “making money online in Nigeria legally”

Akaahan Terungwa is also seen defaming and slandering the name of one of Nigeria’s foremost blogger and internet entrepreneurs Kenechukwu Ezeani. A man who has been online far back as 2005 when Akaahan Terungwa was still learning how to read or write. You can confirm from the domain of this man incomefornigerians.com registered a whole 10 years ago. Wow! A domain with age of 10 years is very prestigious. Not to talk of other domains which he registered 2005, 2006 etc.

IncomeforNigerians.com domain registered 10 years ago

IncomeforNigerians.com registered on October 31st 2010. A domain that is 10 years strong shows the owner is prestigious. See where the red arrow is pointing

Now our guess is that Akaahan Terungwa defamed this man clearly because he saw him as a competition and an evil ploy to try and win/steal Kenechukwu Ezeani’s customer over as his. I know this man Kenechukwu Ezeani very well, in fact for over 17 years as we both started our journey into online business together. I am hundred percent certain that he will never engage in anything fraud or deceptive as Akaahan Terungwa is purporting.

When Akaahan Terungwa saw how Kenechukwu Ezeani was making waves online and building his brand, he became jealous and was always stalking and visiting all his sites and his works. Kenechukwu Ezeani ranked so high in the search engines naturally and his sites came up when anybody typed these keywords into Google. “Make money online”, “make money online in Nigeria”, “how to make money online in  Nigeria”, “Start online business in Nigeria” . To show how madly this Akaahan Terungwa was obsessed with Kenechukwu Ezeani, he went and purchased one of Kenechukwu Ezeani’s ebook for 5,000 naira thinking he could learn the secrets and methods of Kenechukwu in the ebook, but sadly for him, the secrets were not there. Akaahan Terungwa was a very stingy person and he didn’t want to spend money to get value. Kenechukwu Ezeani actually revealed his secrets of ranking high in the search engines in one of his video courses he sold for 15,000 naira, but Akaahan Terungwa was too stingy to purchase that and he went on and purchased the ebook of 5,000 naira which focused on Kenechukwu’s method of making money through blogging and affiliate marketing business. Though the 5,000 naira ebook was very valuable and packed with information too, as it explained in full details how one could start earning from affiliate marketing business within 3 months, if Akaahan Terungwa needed to learn the Google search engine ranking secret as he had always dreamed, why not invest into your financial education and knowledge development and purchase the video course which offered what you wanted? You spend money to make money you know, but Akaahan Terungwa didn’t know this because he was greedy, stingy and wanted to reap where he did not sow.

Few months after, Akaahan Terungwa thought it would be best to start competing with Kenechukwu Ezeani and he went on to register a very foolish domain name that had know meaning, the domain is www. makemoneyonlinenigerians .com. See Whois registrant screenshot below

Akaahan Terungwa’s Spammy domain name registered to compete with Kenechukwu Ezeani

Akaahan Terungwa registered this spammy and dumb sounding domain name to try and compete with Kenechukwu Ezeani, a feat in which he failed at woefully. The site no matter all the keywords in the domain never ranked on the third page for anything relating to making money online in Nigeria not to talk of the second or the almighty first page of Google. The site was dead and was a spam site, in fact it was very dangerous to visit the site if you were looking to make money online in Nigeria, because you would actually end up losing money. Akaahan Terungwa even affirmed on his current scamming blog that the site was a spam site. See screenshot below.

Akaahan Terungwa affirming that makemoneyonlinenigerians . com is a spam site

This comment by Akaahan Terungwa that makemoneyonlinenigerians .com was culled from his current scamming blog. We can visibly see the URL in the address bar in the screenshot below, though Akaahan Teungwa might go and edit it, I have taken several precautions to that effect. Back to the story, so nobody visited the site he created to compete with Kenechukwu Ezeani and within few months, Akaahan Terungwa had to close shop, he abandoned the domain name and moved on to a new scamming business. MakeMoneyOnlineNigerians .com was created by Akaahan Terungwa to try to compete with our coach Kenechukwu Ezeani and Akaahan Terungwa’s plan failed woefully as always, thus, that was how the feud, hatred and jealousy against Kenechukwu Ezeani started. See a screenshot below of the site Akaahan Terungwa abandoned after using it to scam people. Akaahan Terungwa scam is becoming more exposed by the day.

Akaahan Terungwa Site is Unreachable After Scamming People

Akaahan Terungwa Site is Unreachable After Scamming People

Akaahan Terungwa Is An Expert At Impersonation And Identity Theft

If you were active online around 2014-2015, you should know or at least might have come across the biggest internet spammer of all time, who sends spam emails on penis enlargement to both male and females using the moniker “Dr Azolibe”. If you unsubscribe from his email list, he will resubscribe you back to it immediately. Both men, women and even children were tormented by this so called “Dr Azolibe”, and at a point it even trended on twitter and the popular Nigerian forum Nairaland.

You can Google the name for more. Now I wonder why he was sending mails on penis enlargement to women too, you can imagine what a nuisance he must have been back then. Imagine waking up every morning and going through your email looking for important mails from business partners, friends family or colleagues, but all you will see is spam mails on how to get a bigger di*k from Dr Azolibe. Now what most Nigerians do not know is that, the person behind the Dr Azolibe moniker and spam mails is actually Akaahan Terungwa, Now ask us how we came about this massive discovery? well, my team and I launched a covert and tactical investigation into his affairs and the evidence we found linking Akaahan Terungwa to Dr Azolibe was outrageous.

Now Akaahan Terungwa’s game plan was to use the name Dr Azolibe to scam thousands of people and then disappear into thin air implicating the real Dr Azolibe.

Our tactical investigation further revealed that a real Dr Azolibe actually exits somewhere in South Africa and is running his legal business and was totally unaware about the nefarious activities Akaahan Terungwa was doing with his name. Akaahan Terungwa chose this victim (Dr Azolibe) just like he chose Kenechukwu Ezeani. He chose Dr Azolibe because the doctor was popular when it comes to things that relates to men’s sexuality and people trusted him and followed his advice and recommendations. So Akaahan Terungwa so it as an avenue and medium to make money and wanted to exploit the name of the real Dr Azolibe for his personal gain.

At the end of the day, the real Dr Azolibe started getting several mails, and threats from people accusing him of scam that he doesn’t know about and he had to release a disclaimer on his twitter disassociating himself and his name from the scam Akaahan Terungwa was running, and when Akaahan Terungwa became aware of this, he had to stop the scam. Meanwhile, over 1,431 Nigerians have been duped already. Akaahan Terungwa tried to cover his tracks, but unfortunately for him, investigators like myself and others have already saved numerous evidence linking him to the scam.

See the Tweet from the real Dr Azolibe disassociating himself from the Akaahan Terungwa Scam.

Tweet from the Real Dr Azolibe disassociating himself from the Akaahan Terungwa scam

Tweet from the Real Dr Azolibe disassociating himself from the Akaahan Terungwa scam

Also see a screenshot of the real Dr Azolibe twitter account with over 13,000 followers.

Real Dr Azolibe Twitter Account

Real Dr Azolibe Twitter Account

This is the direct link to the real profile:

=> https://twitter.com/dr_azolibe

Now see the screenshot below of the fake “Dr Azolibe” profile Akaahan Terungwa created to carry out his scam.

Fake Dr Azolibe Twitter Account By Akaahan Terungwa

Fake Dr Azolibe Twitter Account By Akaahan Terungwa

This is the direct link to the fake profile:

=> https://twitter.com/drazolibe

Notice how the fake account has only 19 followers. Lol, evidently fake! I thought Akaahan Terungwa was even a smart scammer, but truly, he is a learner, and he needs to go and re-learn his scam trade very well.

Go through the tweets of the fake profile and see how people are begging to be unsubscribed from his spam mails and “Doctor Azolibe” (Akaahan Terungwa) making fun of them.

The real account registered on Twitter in 2011 while the fake account registered in 2015, right about the same time when the Akaahan Terungwa scam was still very active and fresh.

Finally, you may be wondering why the twitter account is still active online when normally, Akaahan Terungwa shuts down, closes and deactivates all accounts and tools he usually use to carry out his scamming activities after fleecing his victims. Well, Akaahan Terungwa also tried to shut down this Twitter account for good, but I and some other internet investigators who were aware of his game plan and activities appealed to twitter not to delete the profile, so it can serve as evidence when we want to prosecute him in court.

Akaahan Terungwa Is  A Plagiarist & An Expert At Intellectual Property Theft

This is an old blog post Akaahan Terungwa plagiarized and copied from Kenechukwu Ezeani’s blog. He lifted the post from Kenechukwu’s blog www.incomefornigerians.com and published it on his own crappy and spammy blog makemoneyonlinenigerians .com

The Blog Post Plagiarized By Akaahan Terungwa

The Blog Post Plagiarized By Akaahan Terungwa

He was always interested in what Kenechukwu Ezeani does and followed his every step, copied his style, was so obsessed to the point of oblivion.

Content Akaahan Terungwa Copied From Kenechukwu Ezeani's Blog

Content Akaahan Terungwa Copied From Kenechukwu Ezeani’s Blog

Kenechukwu Ezeani published the post on his blog “5 Ways Of Protecting Yourself From Scams On The Internet” with good intention, but Akaahan Terungwa copied the post and pasted it on his own crappy “blog” to give the impression that he was a scam fighter and to further confuse newbies and new comers on the internet space so he can scam them mercilessly.

More Facts Showing Evidently That Akaahan Terungwa Is A Scam – And More Facts To Vindicate Kenechukwu Ezeani

On the page where he defamed Kenechukwu Ezeani, we can see that on the top of the article and before he mentioned any of his false accusations, he had already inserted the link to his Facebook group on “how to make money” to try and trick, cajole, coerce or deceive people searching for the name of Kenechukwu Ezeani to join the Facebook group he uses to dupe victims.

Akaahan Terungwa is a scammer

Akaahan Terungwa Tricking People to Join His Scam Facebook Group

Akaahan Terungwa Tries To Seek Relevance & Attention With The Name Of Kenechukwu Ezeani

He knows Kenechukwu Ezeani is a household name on the internet for anything good, valuable and informative and lots of people will be searching for his name online to follow up with his projects, businesses, works, research, articles, books etc

Akaahan Terungwa noticed that the keyword “Kenechukwu Ezeani” will drive him a lot of traffic to his dead blog, so he exploited it as a crook that he is and published a fake, false, slanderous and defaming content about Kenechukwu Ezeani, a content that lacks fact and truth. He knows that anything relating to scam or fraud will gain the attention and interest of Nigerians, so he picked his victim to ride on, sadly, it was Kenechukwu Ezeani, one of the most famous, foremost and widely traveled internet entrepreneurs. You will notice the way Akaahan Terungwa quickly inserted the link to his Facebook group above the article to try and convert the free traffic he is gaining from the slanderous article he purported against Kenechukwu Ezeani into his personal gain. This is the same method upcoming artistes, or upcoming celebrities try to ride on the name of big and popular celebrities on social media to seek attention, clout and get their one minute fame, and at the end of the day when they have succeeded in gaining the attention of Nigerians, they release a track or drop a product or whatever they had in mind in the first place. Another example is just like the way a popular radio presenter is always bashing and attacking pastors / men of God and is trying to ride on their name to gain popularity, fame, recognition and precedence.

To me, I think that this is a weak attempt at publicity stunt. Shame on Akaahan Terungwa for going so low!

Now back to our analysis on the Akaahan Terungwa scam, On joining the Facebook group, I noticed that Akaahan Terungwa keeps on posting several fake products for the members of the group to buy. A “product” that once you pay for, you will never get anything delivered because the product does not exist. Your hard earned money will be gone.

Now let’s all learn from this incidence not to believe whatever we see online. Akaahan Terungwa parades himself as a “scam fighter” but this is just a ploy to make newbies trust him so he can later scam them. Most scammers nowadays use a sort of reverse psychology. They pretend like they were scammed by someone, they play the victim to get pity and trust of people, once you trust them, they pitch their fake products to you and then scam you. Another method is to pretend and present themselves as scam fighters in order to look innocent and harmless in the face of their victims, you as a newbie or JJC online will say “Ah this man is fighting scammers o, wow! He cannot scam me or even hurt a fly” Damn! you’re wrong, once you fall for it, you will get your fingers burnt and part with your hard earned money! This is the method Akaahan Terungwa uses to lure and defraud his victims! Purely psychological in a reverse manner. Do not, I repeat, do not fall for it.

Now Coming Back To The Matter About Kenechukwu Ezeani, The Innocent Man Akaahan Terungwa Chose As His Victim To Experiment This Scam Strategy.

A scan or quick glance on Akaahan Terungwa’s “blog” where he claims to be a “scam fighter” reveals nothing about the hundreds if not thousands of scammers that tread the internet space. The blog is relatively scanty, lacking content and having just about 5 posts. Every post on Akaahan Terungwa’s “blog” about scam is only calling out one person, the chosen victim to practice his strategy (Kenechukwu Ezeani)! Why are there not other posts about other scammers on the said “blog”? That is the question everyone should be asking! Why is it only one person that is being called out by this crook Akaahan Terungwa? Though after seeing this article, Akaahan Terungwa will quickly rush and start calling out other online scammers to cover his tracks. I’ve taken precautionary measures and taken a screenshot of his page as at the time of writing this article to show you the kind of crook Akaahan Terungwa is. See screenshot below.

Akaahan Terungwa Scam Blog Posts

Akaahan Terungwa Scam Blog Posts

Akaahan Terungwa Exploits Scam Victims & Charges Them $100 To Publish Their Story On His Site

Now I, the writer of this page got scammed the sum of N61,500 by a seller on Instagram, I contacted Akaahan Terungwa our “distinguished scam fighter” to publish it on his blog, but he refused and after I persisted in emailing him to publish the story, Akaahan Terungwa asked me to pay him $100 through bitcoin. I am very sure and certain that he chose Bitcoin as a payment method because Bitcoin transactions are basically untraceable and it won’t link back to him. At the end of the day, he can deny it and claim he didn’t collect money from me. Thank God I didn’t fall for it and I didn’t send him any money.

A visit to Akaahan Terungwa’s blog proves that he has truly been illegally collecting money from victims of scam with them thinking and hoping that he will publish their story and expose the scammer who scammed them, but nope, once he collects the money, he will block the person and move on to the next victim. If Akaahan Terungwa was truly exposing scammers, by now his blog would have been filled with hundreds of exposed scammers and fraudsters, but if you check the blog www.akaahan terungwa . com it is practically scanty and empty and the only person he keeps writing about is my mentor Kenechukwu Ezeani. See the screenshots of my conversations with Akaahan Terungwa below after I contacted him to expose the person who scammed me on Instagram.

My message to Akaahan Terungwa

My message to Akaahan Terungwa

Now see the full message below of what the thieving AKAAHAN TERUNGWA RESPONDED TO ME WITH:

Akaahan Terungwa Soliciting for $100 through Bitcoin

Akaahan Terungwa Soliciting for $100 through Bitcoin

Why should I pay you? Are you not a scam fighter again? Is it not your duty to expose scams? Is it not your blog that says report a scam or scammer? Just like in the screenshot below. Now it is obvious that Akaahan Terungwa scam is real. Thank God I did not fall for it.

Akaahan Terungwa fraudulently requesting for money

Report a scammer? A means Akaahan Terungwa uses to collect $100 each from scam victims

Or is your blog only designed to expose one person, Akaahan Terungwa’s chosen victim (Kenechukwu Ezeani)?

Now we can see that Akaahan Terungwa just created his blog to make money through exploiting scammed victims by telling them to pay $100 in bitcoin to publish their story, which he will actually never publish once he has collected the payment.

He also created the blog to defame his chosen victim Kenechukwu Ezeani and to use the name of my mentor Kenechukwu Ezeani to get traffic to his dead “blog” and exploit and scam newbies through his dubious Facebook group.

Akaahan Terungwa Is The Only One Making Negative Comments About Kenechukwu Ezeani On Google Search

A google search on the name “Kenechukwu Ezeani” or his full name “Kenechukwu Reginald Ezeani” shows the several good works of this man as an established writer, blogger, digital marketer, social media coach and internet entrepreneur. But all the negative posts or comments made against this man (Kenechukwu Ezeani) as visibly shown on the search engine result pages was only made by one person Akaahan Terungwa. The same Akaahan Terungwa is even accusing Kenechukwu Ezeani of owning websites such as BizProfitNg.info, PayGold.org etc. The truth is that all these scam websites are owned by Akaahan Terungwa, he has used them to scam and defraud people in the past but he is trying to use reverse psychology to pin it on Kenechukwu Ezeani, a busy businessman that knows nothing about it.

I’ve taken a screenshot of the search engine results pages showing where Akaahan Terungwa and nobody else is calling this man (Kenechukwu Ezeani) out for scam. Only Akaahan Terungwa calls Kenechukwu Ezeani for scam! But if Kenechukwu Ezeani is truly a scammer, why are others not speaking up? Why is it only one person?

How Akaahan Terungwa Tried To Defame Kenechukwu Ezeani

How Akaahan Terungwa Tried To Defame Kenechukwu Ezeani

Now see another page of the Google search results below, isn’t it suspicious that it is only Akaahan Terungwa that is “speaking up”?

How Akaahan Terungwa Tried To Defame Kenechukwu Ezeani

How Akaahan Terungwa Tried To Defame Kenechukwu Ezeani

I did this as a precautionary measure because Akaahan Terungwa is dubious and deceitful and can go to the extent of creating fake profiles, fake names and fake accounts to tarnish the image of my mentor Kenechukwu Ezeani to make it look as if more people are speaking up too. But it is all a ploy by him (Akaahan Terungwa). Everybody should wise up and be weary of this man.

I usually don’t have the time to play this cat and mouse games with this thief called Akaahan Terungwa because I am always busy everyday making cool legitimate money online everyday, and regardless of what Akaahan Terungwa posts or says, it cannot stop me or my team from making our cool millions online from our numerous legit websites and online businesses, we only come here to respond to his scam tactics with facts once in a while, usually on days when we are in a good mood because we have made unbelievable amounts that day. We also update this post constantly to save the newcomers and newbies from getting scammed by Akaahan Terungwa. This is our way of giving back to the society.

Why Will Kenechukwu Ezeani Scam Nigerians When He Can Channel That Energy Into Something More Beneficial  & Profitable?

Mr. Kenechukwu Ezeani is someone I have known for about 17 years and I can vouch for him any day or any time! and I am 100% sure that he will never engage in scam or fraud. Nigerians are very smart people and now in this generation, internet savvy, so I really don’t think someone as smart and brilliant as Kenechukwu Ezeani would stoop so low to try and scam his fellow countrymen, it is of no use. Even if Kenechukwu Ezeani want to engage in scam, is it Nigerians that he will waste precious time to start scamming? How much can you possibly make from scamming Nigerians? Do Nigerians buy things online? Most of them ask for payment on delivery! Is it not better to scam foreigners like the “yahoo boys” do instead of wasting time scamming Nigerians??? You can see that Akaahan Terungwa does not have any point.

Then again, let us all ask ourselves this question, why is Akaahan Terungwa trying so hard to tarnish and taint the image of Kenechukwu Reginald Ezeani? That is the question everyone should ask themselves! What exactly is the problem? If there was actually a problem, why not take it to the law enforcement agencies instead of trying to smear the name of an innocent man online. It is very obvious that this is a personal issue and Akaahan Terungwa has sinister motives…

After Contacting Kenechukwu Reginald Ezeani, This Was What He Had To Say About The Akaahan Terungwa Scam Allegations 

I sent him this email below for him to share his own side of the story as relating to the false Akaahan Terungwa scam accusations. This is a screenshot of the email I sent to my mentor Kenechukwu Ezeani below:

This is the email I sent to Mr. Kenechukwu Ezeani requesting for his own side of the story on the Akaahan Terungwa false scam allegation

This is the email I sent to Mr. Kenechukwu Ezeani requesting for his own side of the story on the Akaahan Terungwa false scam allegation. You can ZOOM or ENLARGE the image for more clarity.

Here Is The Full Excerpts Of My Email


…Start of email

Hello sir Kenechukwu Ezeani,

How is work today? Honestly, seeing the numerous
slanderous content published by this attention seeker called
Akaahan Terungwa has been bothersome and been of utmost concern
to me, being someone who has benefited immensely and massively from
your good works and teachings. Please what are you doing about this?

I have tried in my possible best to say my own side of the story,
as someone who knows you well enough and has worked hand in hand with
you before!

Sir I am expecting a rejoinder article from you, so you can put this
unfortunate coward in his place and if possible take legal actions
against him.

Yours sincerely,
Henry Agbede
Chief Operating Officer
Cash Biz Nigeria Information

…End of email

Shortly after I emailed Sir Kenechukwu Ezeani, I received a concise and clarified email explaining what happened and what he is doing about the whole thing. Reading his email put a smile on my face, because it further reassured me that my boss Kenechukwu Ezeani can never and I repeat can never ever engage in any fraudulent activity. See the screenshot of his reply below, and also full excerpts of his email outlined for your reading pleasure.

The reply I got from Mr. Kenechukwu Ezeani on the false Akaahan Terungwa scam allegation

The reply I got from Mr. Kenechukwu Ezeani on the false Akaahan Terungwa scam allegation. You can ZOOM or ENLARGE the image for more clarity.

Now Here Is The Full Excerpts Of The Email I Received From Mr. Kenechukwu Ezeani Below…He Clarified The Akaahan Terungwa Scam In Detail

…Start of email:

Hello Henry,

Thank you for bringing this to my notice.

Now here is the story

In 2012, he bought an ebook from me for 5,000 naira. The ebook was duly delivered to his email. 
After studying the ebook, printing out the pages and following the steps listed in them, he wanted to scam me and he asked me to refund him which I didn’t, stating clearly that he has my product already and I cannot refund him when item has been delivered to him already. He claimed that his reason for asking for a refund was because he already knew the things that were taught and explained in the ebook! This is an old scam method used by these unscrupulous elements who are selfish and self centered.

Let me tell you a short story. When I was in the university, there was this guy called Femi Olaiya, this particular guy was a very dubious crook, most times when there is an event or party in school, Femi goes to a random boutique close to school and buys a new shoe, he tells the shoe seller that he is buying the shoe for his elder brother and if the shoe doesn’t size his brother he will return it, Femi is actually buying the shoe for himself and he actually plans on returning it after the party to get his money back. A shoe he has worn and used o! Femi’s game plan was to always appear in every event or party with new clothes and new shoes so he will look like a “big boy” and the girls will be dying and falling for him.

After the event he goes back to the shoe seller and say he wants to return the shoe and collect his money back. If you don’t agree, he will cause a big commotion and for peace to reign, the shoe seller will just collect the worn out shoe and give him back his money so he can go with his “wahala”. Femi did this multiple times, with different shoe sellers with clothe sellers too, cap sellers, bag sellers and the likes. Femi was truly living the audio lifestyle, but one day his cup was full, he tried his scam with someone who was as “mad” as him and he met his match, he got beaten up and I think he was arrested too. And that was the end of it.

Now Akaahan Terungwa wanted to play this scam on me but it didn’t work for him.
Since then (2012-2020) he started trolling me, posting slanderous, libelous and defamatory posts about me everywhere online, both on Twitter, Facebook and his websites. Even falsely accusing me of things I did not do, and trying to pin any scam websites he sees online as mine, in a bid to try and tarnish my image and rope me into what I don’t know.
I’ve asked him to stop several times and he has refused, so I decided to ignore him, but now I’m ready to take legal action as this his nefarious activities has gotten too much and my friends and colleagues are telling me to handle this issue in every manner deemed lawful and permissible as it is not good as my name is being smeared online for something I know nothing about.

He used to be very envious and begrudging of me and my works because my blog (www.incomfornigerians.com) though now closed for the meantime, which he was always visiting and stealing my content ranked in the search engines for several keywords which he tried to rank for, but he never ever ranked for them. I outranked him in the search engines and he got jealous and while he defamed me, he was also defaming my blog and telling people online not to visit it. He tried to find out from me how I got to rank so high on Google, but I never told him and he thought the best way to get back at me was to tarnish my image and spoil my good name. It’s very obvious, at least we know now that, that was why he bought the initial ebook from me in 2012 for N5,000, but he got disappointed when he noticed that my secret of ranking high on google was not in the ebook. The secret was in another package of mine.

Thus, he grew more jealous and began his smear campaign. 

  • All the alleged “proofs”, images, comments he has posted on his site against me are fake photoshopped images. The alleged commentators do not exist and everything is created by him.
  • He also tells his friends to make negative comments about me on any blog post or social media posts he publishes about me to make it look as if there are other “victims”. All are fake and a ploy to defame me further. 
  • This man is totally obsessed about me and he is a psychopath for him to have the energy to keep up with this slanderous campaign against my person for a solid 8 years.
  • This man keeps accusing me of owning scam sites which I know nothing about, he also keeps accusing me of being some past or present scammers that have rocked the internet. I’m not any of these people. He does this in a further bid to try and link me to what I have no hand in and then frame me up and paint me as the offending party.
  • This man fabricates lots of fake content (images, articles, etc) and uses social engineering to further try to paint me as the bad guy and ruin my reputation.
  • This man is always writing in a way, painting the picture as if we are rivals or competitors. I’ve never met or seen this man before in my life, so I don’t understand why he keeps making it look as if “we were once friends who fell apart or we have known each other somewhere before”.
    I do not know this idiot of a man.
  • This man has no case against me, everything is strictly a personal issue.
  • This is a pure case of rivalry and a business competitor trying to use unethical and nefarious means to take over the business/market of his competitor.
  • He has so far tarnished over 5 online businesses of mine and have been winning my customers over as his. Though I always bounce back almost immediately since I am very good in what I do.
  • He has told people online several lies about me in a ploy to discredit my good works.
  • If he is truly sure that I’m a scammer, instead of tarnishing my image online in the last 8 years, he should have reported me to the police or sued me to court, he claims to be a lawyer and I’m sure he knows how the law works. But he has not done any of that because he has no case, instead, he resorted to tarnishing my image online and defaming my person.
  • If truly this sociopath called Akaahan Terungwa has a valid case, he should tender verifiable proofs and evidence or take the matter to court, I have a strong legal team on standby!
  • He cannot do so because he has no case and is just a busybody.
  • I also want this sociopath to post on his blog the teller or proof of payment of any money he is claiming to have paid to me. He cannot do so, because he has nothing to tender. 

This is just a summary as there are still more facts about this sociopath and how he keeps trying to defame me. My legal team is working on this action now and at the end of the day, this sociopath is going to sell all his property to pay damages to me. Believe me!

Have a lovely day
Kenechukwu Ezeani

….End of Email

Screenshot Showing The Delivery Of eBooks To Akaahan Terungwa By Kenechukwu Reginald Ezeani

I also received this screenshot from my mentor Kenechukwu Ezeani, showing the delivery of eBooks and online business guides to Akaahan Terungwa. So what is the actual problem with Akaahan Terungwa? We now have proof that Kenechukwu Ezeani fulfilled his own part of the deal! So why is Akaahan Terungwa trying so hard to smear the name of an innocent man?

Proof of eBooks Delivered To Akaahan Terungwa. Zoom or Enlarge to View, for Clarity

Comments From Some Of The Victims Scammed By Akaahan Terungwa

Initially, when I saw the comments and reviews from some of Akaahan Terungwa Scam victims, I wanted to cry, I put myself in their shoes, this could have been anybody, Akaahan Terungwa‘s words are always convincing and he knows how to brainwash his victims to send money into his bank account. I felt pity for the victims and I thought to myself that I might just take this case up to see if I can effect possible retrieval of funds for his victims. Take a look at the screenshot below to see the negative reviews and sad comment from some of Akaahan Terungwa‘s victims. Some of these people wanted to use the money they sent to Akaahan Terungwa for hospital bills, some wanted to use it for their studies, some had plans of using it for business, but Akaahan Terungwa came out of nowhere and ripped them of their sweat. Is this fair? There are over 190 negative comments, but I can only post a few here because of space and time. See the comments below:

Comments from some of Akaahan Terungwa scam victims

Comments from some of Akaahan Terungwa scam victims


Comments from some of Akaahan Terungwa scam victims

Continuation of Comments from some of Akaahan Terungwa scam victims

More comments form Akaahan Terungwa Scam victims below…

More Comments from some of Akaahan Terungwa scam victims

More Comments from some of Akaahan Terungwa scam victims

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Akaahan Terungwa is a Scammer

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